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  • Window Cleaning

    Windows Cleaned Perfectly every time! Executive Window Services understands that you are hiring us to “clean” your windows. Clean to us means “Perfectly” clean. Our technicians pay careful attention to every window on your home, our process ensures the quality of clean windows to our standards. Read More
  • Foggy Window Repair

    Do you ever feel like you clean your windows over and over again, yet they are never clean and ALWAYS appear foggy? At Executive Window Services one of our specialties is repairing foggy windows along with cracked glass, operational use and window seal failure. We offer complete window repair no mater what your problem is. Read More
  • Window Replacement

    Vinyl windows, that are Energy efficient, are the most popular windows installed not to mention the affordability. We offer a wide selection of style and color options that maintain substantial energy savings due to their energy efficiency. EWS offers many vinyl windows manufactures and are extremely durable, aesthetic pleasing look and offer a lifetime warranty. Read More
  • About Executive Window Service

    We take great pride in providing you with quality workmanship. I’ll make sure our team is professional, courteous, punctual and that we provide a perfectly completed job!We’ve been serving Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville and the entire DFW Metro area since 2000. We specialize in window replacement, window cleaning, window repair, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and solar screens. Read More
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Can I get an estimate for the cleaning before you come out to do the work?

We charge “by the window” which means that with a quick call to give you the proper pricing for the type of windows you have, you can simply count them up, multiply, and get a pretty close estimate of the actual charge.

What times/days of the week do you do cleanings?

We try to schedule most of our cleanings Monday through Saturday, and do our best to keep Saturday open for those who cannot make an appointment during the week. We offer cleanings all day from 8 to 6.

Do we need to do anything to get ready for our cleaning?

We do suggest that you move any valuable or breakable items, papers, etc. out of window sills and away from windows but if you don’t or can’t, we are more than happy to move them for you.

Will there be any mess to clean up afterward?

Absolutely not. Other than the spotless windows, you won’t know that we were there.

Does someone need to be there while the cleaning is done?

Generally, no, unless we are washing the inside of the windows, we will need access to the home. Beyond that, we do NOT require a signature before starting the job. We always want you check over our work before we leave to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the cleaning.

How long will you be washing my windows?

Cleaning times vary based on quantity, type and location of windows.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

It’s up to you! Most of our customers have the windows in their homes washed twice a year; however, some prefer cleanings every month while others are on a yearly schedule. We don’t recommend waiting much longer than a year to clean them because a thick build-up of dirt on your windows can lead to stains and hard water spots.

What do I do if my windows are stained or have hard water spots?

While our cleaning removes the vast majority of organic and inorganic grime from windows, glass that has been repeatedly exposed to water (i.e. sprinklers) or simply has not been washed for a long period of time may take further steps to come clean. For windows like these we offer a hard water/stain removal that uses a mildly abrasive scrub specifically designed for glass to remove the stains. Pricing for this service varies depending on the location, size and severity of the spotting.

How can I keep my windows from getting spots?

Most importantly, have them washed. The majority of semi-permanent staining comes from leaving a thick layer of dirt, smoke, etc. on windows for a long period of time. Another frequent cause of “hard water spots” is repeated wetting from irrigation systems. As with the dirt that collects on windows (especially behind screens), the minerals in the water, in time, may cause spots that normal washing cannot remove. For windows that tend to get spots or stains, we offer glass sealing. This is done with a product called Rain-X that causes water to bead and run off and makes it harder for dirt to stick to the glass.

What if I want my windows cleaned on a regular basis?

We offer to put all of our customers on our call-back list. You choose when you would like a call (for most people it tends to be about six months) and we will contact you! Many of our customers take part in this service because it saves them the inconvenience of trying to find our contact info every time but also eliminates the need for another estimate or further paperwork. Everything is kept on file and all we have to do is set up a time.
-You may opt out of this service at any time. We are NOT pushy. If you are not ready for another cleaning just let us know!

What areas do you service?

You can find Executive Window Services cleaning windows all over the DFW area. We are located in Grapevine, so we most regularly work the Northeast Tarrant area, but are centrally located enough to serve the entire Metroplex.


"I've retired from washing my own windows. I found Executive Window Services online and was pleased with their bid so we hired them. They were very professional and made our windows look better than anyone else that cleaned them."

 C. Starrett
Southlake, TX

"Recently we overlooked our utility bills and realizes the biggest problem on our home was the poor outdated windows. I contacted Executive Window Services for Low-E replacement windows and the price was good..Thanks Shane" 

B. Parker
Grapevine, TX

"Executive repaired 3 foggy windows in my house. They did a great job. My windows look brand new and crystal clear. They did a quality job."

L. Blake
Dallas, TX

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